Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions
[Updated 26 March 2011]
Arbol de Vida, the owner of the website and www.outdoorcanarias, Robert Schmidt, resident in 38 760, Los Llanos, C / FernándezTano 1, NIF X-1838758-T (Steueridtf.Nr.)
Legal form: Los Llanos
1. Acceptance of Terms
The user must assume for the use and access of this website fully and unconditionally the conditions and the information contained herein and accept.
The conditions apply for Arbol de Vida (hereinafter, Robert Schmidt), and makes the user and buyer of a purchase on the website www.outdoorcanarias.es. The parties agree and relate to in their business only on the terms and conditions related to the Internet at www.outdoorcanarias.es in the Terms and read at any time are. If the user accepts the conditions, he should refrain from accessing the site www.outdoorcanarias.es and / or use of any services.
Arbol de Vida (hereinafter, Robert Schmidt), reserves the right at any time without prior notice, the structure, configuration and design of this website and to update the content of these conditions change and adapt. In each case it requires the use of this website always check the current contents of the detail terms and conditions, renewed each time.
The lyrics and content of the information on our products are created as carefully as possible. The changes that are kept from new developments, changes in suppliers, errors or omissions by us or third and higher forms of violence, we reserve. Due to various printing techniques, the colors of the image of the original colors of the actual products may differ slightly.

2. Legal Skills
The possible services and content offered on this website are for all natural or legal persons in accordance with the applicable legal form, its capacity to act, and therefore accept these conditions.
The Internet user must be 18 years of age and have legal capacity to possess a purchase on the website www.outdoorcanarias.es active.

3. Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights and information on the website of www. outdoorcanarias.es (photos, graphics, source code, design, navigation structure, databases and other content and other) that are mentioned are the property of Robert Schmidt.
These conditions are offered, the intellectual property, trade secrets or other such trade, the products on the website and or its components (pictures, graphics, source code, design, navigation structure, databases and other information, and sontiges)
 The users explicitly editing, copying, distribution and public communication, availability, recovery, reuse, distribution or use of any kind prohibited by any means or process, one of them, if they are not allowed by law or expressly in writing by Robert Schmidt / or those which were authorized by the copyright owner.
All information on this site are protected by copyright. Unauthorized use of the information on this website for resale, and any violation of the rights of intellectual property of Robert Schmidt, may lead to legal liability.
All Brands (and logo) on the website www. shown outdoorcanarias.es be used only with permission of the owner and registered properly.

4. Linking

Arbol de Vida (to Robert Smith) is not liable for damages, the contents of third party access via links or links to Web sites have to www.outdoorcanarias.es. The role, if any, might such links is entirely the user about the existence of other sources of information or other content and Internet services to be informed. Arbol de Vida (Robert Schmidt) is in no way responsible for the results to apply using these links or the consequences of such access for the Benutzer.Gleiches to all other websites referred to via hyperlink. Robert Schmidt for the content of websites accessed through such links is not responsible.
5. Terms of Use
The user is solely responsible for the direct or indirect use of this site. Robert Schmidt must honor any alleged or potential claims! The user has to keep on the current terms and conditions on the running, and independently!
Arbol de Vida (Robert Schmidt) is not liable for damage, delayed for errors, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, defects or malfunctions of equipment and devices, the Arbol de Vida, prevents or incorrectly or is excluded, the site and its facilities and contents perform and display, including blockages or defects caused by overloading of the use of the Internet or other electronic systems or access the inability of our products, pages or any other offers, even without the information about problems or error messages are displayed by interference from third parties, or were due to force majeure.
Arbol de Vida (Robert Schmidt) has taken all necessary measures to ensure to the extent possible and the state of the art for the proper functioning of this website and attempted to avoid it and the transmission of viruses and other malicious user components.
All goods are ordered www.outdoorcanarias.es on our web site, were prepared from selected companies the most innovative in the natural textile industry Produzieren.Die various awards and Policy of certifications and labels are read according to the companies. Robert Schmidt and take can not guarantee the accuracy of the latest offers and declarations of these companies. To the best effort and research can Arbol de Vida (hereinafter Robert Schmidt) express only recommendations to individual counseling in detail the products.
Arbol de Vida (Robert Schmidt) reserves the right to terminate your access to the site and the provision of any services at any time and without notice, are offered to follow suit to terminate this either on the basis of technical safety, inspections, maintenance, repairs, or other cause.
Arbol de Vida (Robert Schmidt) has no control over the routine use of Web users. Arbol de Vida (Robert Schmidt), but above all wants to make sure that visitors act surfing on this this website in accordance with the law, and carefully these terms and conditions, their containing ethics and generally accepted principles of morality and public order, and carefully observed. Consequently, Arbol de Vida (Robert Schmidt) is not responsible for users abusing the use of the contents of Web pages, national or international law, intellectual property or other rights of third parties disregard and misuse.

 6. Return and Exchange Law (see also the right of withdrawal)

Arbol de Vida (Robert Schmidt) will only accept the exchange or return of those items purchased directly from the Web www.outdoorcanarias.es were. If you request a refund or of all or part of the contract, the Internet users call via the contact page, or in person Phone: 922 388513 (office Tenerife Mobile 667 650 323 Monday to Friday from 10h 13h ,17-19h)
It is important to note that the full costs will refund only for legally compliant situation, such as an unused and undamaged goods, etc. ... Explanation follows:
We reserve the right to the goods if traces of use or damage on their return to ask for compensation. Shipping: Within 14 days by Post.Im Damage reserves Arbol de Vida (Robert Schmidt) the right to demand fair compensation. Non-free returns are not accepted. At Immaculate return we will refund the shipping costs of course.
If you have any questions, reached via telephone Monday to Friday from 10 to 13 clock and 17 to 19h, Tel: 922 388 513 (local call from fixed line) or via the contact page

7. Withdrawal

The buyer may within 14 days submit resign from the receipt of the goods of the contract.
The buyer must send in time and within the time limit the reasons e-mail to shop @ outdoor canarias. In which he explains and expresses the concern to which he pursued.
Under individual bargaining on a contract basis, customers can send and receive the goods as in the upper section in 6 Explains the refund.

 8. Privacy Policy

This Arbol de Vida (Robert Schmidt) and www. outdoorcanarias.es assure you at any time offers to buy and can benefit if they are available is a permit required by the buyer. Only at the express Wusch and voluntary personal data message in the space provided is Arbol de Vida (Robert Schmidt) to bring the correct use of personal data are used. If you are interested please contact us if you carry us and your personal information. The personal information that you entrust to us is securely stored, only to provide information about products, events and other promotions of Arbol de Vida (Robert Schmidt) was used. You can rely on the user's rights at any time to request the data, correction for the use of the data contained in this file in accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 to terminate in December on the protection of personal data.


9. Communication

The applicable law requires certain information and / or messages may be sent in writing to the user. By using this site means that users agree to all the necessary information and / or messages which Arbol de Vida (Robert Schmidt) must honor to acknowledge by email. The user is required to use these electronic means of communication and agree that all agreements, notices, advertisements of information and communication in an electronic transmission of Arbol de Vida (Robert Schmidt) as information about it and the legal requirement replaces the written form and supplemented legally valid. The user must be visible and accessible, this electronic medium.
The user needs to communicate and / or registration with Arbol de Vida (Robert Schmidt), preferably the data transmission in the contact form provided on the website. In accordance with the preceding paragraph, unless otherwise specified so Arbol de Vida (Robert Schmidt) can send messages to the e-mail address of the user for this purpose.

10. Resignation

The user shall undertake to follow the stated conditions, and can make a statement in a case of conflict with a proposal of amicable settlement. Robert Schmidt may all act in the spirit of the law declared in its terms and conditions, and make use of it to avert a loss for him!
Robert Schmidt reserves the right not to make prior to its right, and to enter into an amicable settlement.
The Arbol de Vida's resignation (Robert Schmidt) of its right (as explained in these terms and conditions) is void unless the user explicitly, a written waiver has been submitted with this same statement about an amicable settlement of Robert Schmidt, of course, in accordance with the regulations.

11. Independence

Any clause or provision of these Terms is invalid, void or unlawful influence or deny claims, if not essential to the task of them contained all the other herein contained shall remain in force and effect.

12. Purchase Process

You can use various ways to find products on www.outdoorcanarias.es: Select a product from the left menu bar of the home site. If you have found the product, click on Details to access additional information about the products. Once you click on the product page of the topic of your choice, select the size and what is needed and you can "order"

 13.1. Shopping Cart

You can manage your products here in the menu items "empty", "Order" Update ". In your shopping cart You can change or delete the quantities or. If you have a choice, please fill the required information (marked with an asterisk) and click click on "Submit Order" at.
Your payment is in advance and by using the "submit order" your booking contract binding. The dispatch takes place when the required payment is credited to the beneficiary account within a day. . Click "I accept the conditions." If you agree with all the information you want, "order" Click.
The products are only sent if the payment is credited to the account. Get it on the current status of your order and the possible changes an email with the information.
The sale price can be viewed at any time and for all involved binding is crucial that the quoted price at the time of placing your order.
Shipping costs are not included in real time, depending on weight and dimensions and destination for customers and your shipping address will be charged the standard from the shopping cart.
Shipping costs are always recalculated every time you shop through our site www.outdoorcanarias.es and at all times is the price of an item included in the basket when customers have tricked an article!
The customer will be informed of the final purchase price, including freight charges from the order, before confirming the payment.

14. Deliveries

Once payment is received, the products can be delivered within 18 days. Delay in customs clearance and exceptions in a way, the delivery time of unforeseen and / or grievances that are dependent on third parties, we are not responsible!
For exports (including Spain is due to join the European Union), the value of the minimum order size is 100, - € and subject to the general provisions of the laws of the destination country (these costs will be borne by the beneficiary's account).
Our goods are means to avoid duplication of orders and delivery to gekennzeichnet.X = immediately available, Y = mean longer delivery time (may take up to 6 weeks) = Z means the foreseeable future lieferbar.Wir reserve the nevertheless set of overlapping and yet the article is no longer available, we will notify you immediately by e-mail informieren.Ebenso we will inform you if you actually have a longer (10 days) expected delivery time. What in the Canary Islands usually does not occur.
The availability of the products are displayed binding.

14.1. Transport risk

The dispatch takes place via Correo (Post). To insure the goods during transport: The general provisions of the post. In case of loss or damage of the shipment, the excess money will go to the expense and the risk of Empfängers.Wir assume no risk of loss.
We supply everything from our warehouse on La Palma in the Canary Islands and require no Mindestbestellmenge.Bei below a value of 20, - € per order, we charge a surcharge of 5.50 €.
Customers to plan your holiday in the Canary Islands, we offer the opportunity to sell you sent directly to the resort! You must enter a valid address for us and let us know by e-mail information about this service.
You may also wish to pick up your ordered goods directly in our stores. You get the case to the post and package charge suburb refunded on pickup back.

15. Legal and jurisdiction

The validity, interpretation and application of these conditions shall be governed in all respects by the Spanish law in civil and commercial matters. Arbol de Vida (Robert Schmidt), and the users of the site explain www.outdoorcanarias.es agree to attempt to amicably resolve disputes that arise during the development of the order of the court goes.
In case of conflict, dispute, disagreement, matter or claim arising from the performance, interpretation and / or application of these terms and / or use of the site will eventually be resolved in the courts of Los Llanos, unless a binding definition a standard would be different.



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