Our service

We Deliver everything promt from our camp on La Palma and require no least order amount within the Canaries.

With a goods value less than 20€ per order we calculate expenses to surcharge at the rate of 5.50€


Customers them your vacation on the Canary islands plan, we offer the possibility you to send the product directly to the holiday place! They must give to us for it a valid address and us by email about these services informing.
They can also fetch if requested your ordered product directly in our Filialien.



Generally is valid: Precash by transfer or with credit card.
The product becomes a sent when the payment on the account has come.


We serve you as fast as possible as a rule within one week, many goods leave even on the day after the order our house.
These goods are provided with "x".
Were extra or are provided with the suitable marking (y), are expected with a delivery time from 3-6 weeks.


In everybody fall we inform you of delays or of longer delivery times!


Some goods can be also delivered ex works, this saves unnecessary routes of transport and forwarding expenses and makes sense ecologically. We ask the interest in the direct route of transport to ask by email with us. If the case is possibly the least order amount can be reduced to 50€.



Our goods are marked to the avoidance by overlappings of the order and the ability of
X = means immediately Available
Y = if means longer delivery time (can last till 3 weeks)
Z = does not mean for foreseeable time Available.
However, overlappings can appear and, nevertheless, the article is not available any more, we will inform you then immediately by e-mail.
Also we will inform you if you have to expect delivery time really longer (from 10 days).
What does not seem within the Canaries as a rule.


Our conditions:

Within the Canary islands delivering we after:
after entrance of the payment on the account, the product is delivered within 10 days.
Written and verbal agreements reserve!
The postage goes to loads of the receiver.

For deliveries abroad (Included is Spain, on account of the affiliation to the European Union) is valid as a least order amount a goods value of 100€, and the general inches of regulations of the aim are valid it – country (these costs go to loads of the receiver).
After entrance of the payment, the product is delivered within 18 days.

after Germany For orders over 55 € the shipping will be paid by us!

Europe Zone 1 We calculate the following fees: In an order over 55 € the shipping will be paid by us. Zone 3 Switzerland We calculate the following fees: In an order from to less than 500 € If the shipping 30 €. If the shipping to 9999.99 € 50.

Zone 4 of the rest of the world We calculate the following fees: In an order from less than 100 € If the shipping 20 €, to less than 200 € If the shipping 30 €, and to less than 400 € the shipping is 40 €.

Transport risk

The dispatch occurs basically by Correo (post). The assurance of the product with the
transport: The general regulations of the post are valid it. With loss or damage of the
broadcasting goes the exceeding one amount to loads and on the risk of the receiver.
We assume no loss risk.

Taking back and right to exchange goods

With goods with return lay a track from use or damage show, kept we to us the right before to assert substitute claims. Are excluded from right to exchange goods sonder Anfertigungen.
Sets please only completely send back!

Returns: Within 14 days by mail. We reserve ourselves to calculate a suitable handling
charge. Not free returns are not accepted. With entitled complaint we compensate for the resulted postage costs.


High-class guarantee

All goods on our Internet side are to be ordered, became from select companies made
especially innovatively in the physical textiles branch producing.
The different honourings and directives of the certifications and seals are to be read up
accordingly at the companies.
And we Take over no guarantee about the topical correctness of the offers of these companies.
After the best endeavours and searches we can pronounce merely recommendations, up to individual consultation in detail of the products.



The texts and tables of contents to our products have been provided so carefully as possible. Changes itself by new developments, changes of the suppliers, misprints or other mistakes prove, we reserve ourselves. From typographical ones can found colour representations of the actual original colours easily deviate.


Data protection

Of course we handle confidentially with her data, we cannot transmit you definitely his your data into three parts.


Wishes and ideas

Should you find again an article on our side, questions you afterwards. We offer constantly new goods and extend our assortment. It can be to you Arbol de Vida Produkte Liefern cannot stand yet on our side. Articles from former collections seem good often still Available you ask.
And we are able to do special wishes, perhaps, separately ordering.

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